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Currently, here the the list of trainings programs at Smart Don Entertainment Limited.

-Disc Jockey (DJ)
-Music Production Academy
-Video Editing Academy
-Computer Training
-Public Speaking Training
-Catering/Small Chops
-Broadcasting Training
-Diction Training
-Adult Education

REGISTRATION FEE for any is: 5,000

Accommodation is optional (at 10,000 per month)


Visit Smart Don Entertainment or Call 08166438855, 07057360917 or Email to enquire about training schedules and availability. Enroll now


Call: 08166438855, 070573609147  or Email to make enquiries on training schedules and availability.


From the first moment that mankind could communicate, we have been speaking in public. From the second moment we have been nervous about it.

Google ‘Public Speaking’ and a large proportion of results returned will be about the fear of Public Speaking, or glossophobia as it is technically called.

Check surveys about man’s greatest fears and Public Speaking routinely heads the bill, typically beating heights, ill-health and even death to the top spot.



Computer knowledge is no more a want but a need! The fast technology growth in the world at large has made the world become a global village against the little or no knowledge of computer usage among the youths. Very soon many youths will be outdated and left behind because of their computer illiteracy. Therefore join the train while sun shines and become proficient in:

  • Computer Appreciation
  • Microsoft Word
  • Desktop Publisher
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft Power Point
  • Corel Draw
  • Internet

FEE: 20,000 ONLY


Smart Don Entertainment Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is your company all about?

Smart Don Entertainment Limited is the mother company to Africa’s first DJ Academy (Smart DJ Academy), Smart Records/Music Studio, Smart Public Speaking Training, Smart Music Production Academy, DJ Service, Event Management, etc

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