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Smart Don Entertainment Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is your company all about?

Smart Don Entertainment Limited is the mother company to Africa’s first DJ Academy (Smart DJ Academy), Smart Records/Music Studio, Smart Public Speaking Training, Smart Music Production Academy, DJ Service, Event Management, etc

2. Is Smart Don Entertainment just about the entertainment industry?

Absolutely not! Smart Don Entertainment is beyond just an entertainment company with her introduction of various services ranging from training of new talents, empowering of the society, discovery and promotion of fresh talents, training/retraining of the adult community in public speaking, etc. our maxim remains,…………….’we are more than just an entertainment company!’

3. How many session do you run in a year for your various programmes

Smart Don Entertainment Limited understands the importance of time maximization and has equally mapped out effective timetable for various courses covered by the Academy unit of the company. Various training/courses offered by the Academy wing of the firm ranges Disc Jockey Academy, Music Production Academy, Video Editing Academy, Computer Training and Public Speaking Training, below is the yearly available session for various trainings/course. DJ ACADEMY: Certificate – 4 sessions yearly {Jan-March, April-Jun., July-Aug., Sept. - Dec.} DJ ACADEMY: Diploma – 2 sessions yearly. {January – June, & July – December} DJ ACADEMY: Advanced Diploma – 1 session yearly {January –August} MUSIC PRODUCTION ACADEMY: Certificate – 2 sessions yearly {January –May, July – December} MUSIC PRODUCTION ACADEMY: Diploma –1 & half session yearly {January – July, & August – December} PUBLIC SPEAKING TRAINING: Basic – 12 sessions per year, it’s a monthly course PUBLIC SPEAKING TRAINING: Diploma – 4 sessions yearly, {Jan- March, April-Jun., July-Aug., Sept. - Dec.} VIDEO EDITING: Certificate – 6 sessions yearly {Jan-Feb, Mar-Apr,May-Jun, Jul-Aug, Sep-Oct, Nov-Dec} VIDEO EDITING: Diploma – 4 sessions {Jan-March, April-Jun., July-Aug., Sept. - Dec.} COMPUTER 101 TRAINING: Basic – 3 sessions yearly {Jan- March, April-Jun., & July-Aug.}

4. Is Smart Don Entertainment registered?

Smart Don Entertainment limited is duly registered with corporate affairs commission in Nigeria.

5. Is the company’s certificate nationally accepted?

Our certificate is currently gaining relevance and acceptance within Nigeria and will even get international recondition soon as we currently in talk with some international bodies for partnership and affiliations

6. Is there accommodation facility for applicants?

We currently offer accommodation facility (subject to available) at a fee for mainly the applicant who registers for the January session and for candidates from distant regions. However, occupants must abide by all accommodation rules where necessary.

7. What is your location?

Smart Don Entertainment Limited presently operates only at her head office, located at 122 NTA-Mgbuoba Road, (former police post after GT Bank at location round-about) Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria

8. Do you accept installmental payment?

We understand the plight of our clients when it comes to finance, so we currently have an instalmental payment plan/facility for clients when required, we also ensure that all monies are cleared before completion of any course. However, Smart Don Entertainment does not currently operate or support any credit scheme/facility for now.

9. Is there discounts?

We provide discount when multiple candidates are enrolled either from an organization or an individual/sponsor. This is however subject to approval from the management.

10. Is there certificate after the programme?

Yes, we offer certificates upon satisfactorily completion of ones registered course.

11. Are there hidden charges?

Smart Don Entertainment Limited has been known for years as a transparent and customer’s friendly firm, all charges for any service/products are made clear, and clients are notified ahead if there will be any changes to our current fee.

12. What is the minimum age requirement for enrollment into the academy?

We believe in the old saying ‘catch them (the talents) young’ and so we have no age restriction, but we recommend a minimum age of 10+ due the tasking nature of our practical session/classes. However, this does not apply to the children music season for kids between the ages of 2 – 12.

13. Is the academy for all sex?

At Smart Don Entertainment Limited, we do not practice any form of disparity, but rather encourages and promote a fair play ground and competitive learning environment for both sexes.

14. Can a handicap undergo your training?

Yes, handicapped persons can undergo our training as long they have the ability and passions for programme.

15. Is there any special class for beginners?

Yes, there is always an induction and familiarization class where new candidates are briefed on the challenges, advantages, relevance and application of their chosen course in our everyday live.

16. Can someone undergo two or more programme at the same time? 

Yes, but we strongly recommend one programme at a time to enable the individual grasp the primary course, besides we run most of the courses concurrently thereby making it almost impossible for the candidate to be in more than one class at the same time.

17. What’s the extra advantage of graduating from the Academy?

Upon completion of one’s program, we refer/recommend our graduads/student for internship (I.T) to media houses and other corresponding institutions for training and job opportunity.