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Broadcasting Art



Over the years, graduates of Communication Studies have travelled to Lagos and Jos in search of professionalism in the field of Journalism because they know  only the theory and therefore has developed cold feet in actually showcasing their capacity, either in Television/Radio presentation. Their eyes seemed to open when they discovered that most successful presenters did not study a course that relates to journalism. It is about passion and learning from those in the field- those who have already mastered the practice of  what you desire to practice. Well, such is life, and man must create a space for improvement as success is when improvement embrace opportunities.

A lot of successful presenters did not study Mass Communication. They had passion for broadcasting and were trained professionally by seasoned broadcasters themselves. The principle of practice cannot be overlooked as this is the key to perfection. Remember that practice makes perfect. That is why in Broadcasting Art individuals are given a great platform to rehearse deliberately and consistently, in addition to I.T opportunities in  various radio stations.

The curriculum is broken into units and levels for easy comprehension as well as making learning highly active and not passive. Ours is a success story and we want to hear yours'.    


  • Presentation techniques
  • Interview skills
  • News reading
  • Voice training
  • Language studies


This will help you to be successful in broadcasting even when you do not have the basic knowledge. Our seasoned broadcasters will start from the scratch to teach you all the technical know-how on both Tv and radio presentations.  

DURATION FOR THE PROGRAMME: 3 Months Fifty Thousand Naira (N50,000)

Area of concentration:

  • Tenses, Introduction to phonemes and different sounds.  Commonly mispronounced words, reading exercises and group discussions lots more.
  • Presentation skills, interviewing skills, news casting skills, Documentary and Voice training and much more.
  • Advance news-reading skills, Advanced presentation skill, advanced interviewing skills, group practicals, 2 weeks Internship etc       

Class Days: Fridays 3pm - 5pm, Saturdays: 12pm - 2pm

Accommodation is optional.

Call 08166438855 or 08055815844

Email to enquire about training schedules and availability.